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Our premier and base-line program, understanding and applying the fundamentals of selling effectiveness. The target audience is everyone connected to the selling organizations team, whether that is from the inside or outside business account development/selling professionals position, to include managerial-leadership and support personnel.

This is ideally a two-day session with day-one focused on strategic and day-two on tactical aspects of selling and marketing as a sales professional

This session is highly client specific with more than three-decades of specific best practice action plans and measurable KPIs for trajectory improvement and success. Participants in an interactive engagement will explore the psychology of selling, how and why customers come to you or leave, ways to engage prospects, customers, advocates and individuals that may be sideways with you. We explore the six-applications of the selling pipeline/funnel model and how it makes and breaks your over-all effectiveness, from market exposure to quality and quantity of lead flow, to determining the math for your market and where the sales are, will be and how to managing your daily book-of-business for meaningful ROI. Multiple conversation models will be presented and discussed in dealing with objections, no, hesitancy and generating leads from your customers for your next sale.

The analytics of selling success reveals that there SIX ANALYTICS that everything that you do revolve around, we will detail each and what it means to you in your business development process.

Exclusive exposure to our LeadGenerator™ system unlocks and unblocks sales professionals minds to endless quality lead flow that is your secret sauce to long term wins, and exposure to our exclusive ProductivityTracker™ a benchmark of best practices from super achievers in selling. Participants leave this session with more the fifty immediate and sustained KPIs for achieving and exceeding sales missions, including the revolutionary Quadrant Manager™ daily time management tool, that can increase daily sales effectiveness by as much as 12X. Unlike most all other professional development selling programs, this deliverable also provides post-session weekly professional development touch-points, virtual on-line learning platform of skill development self-study, CD/DVD and books.

A detailed stand-alone information program overview of each days learning modules is available upon request.