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The PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series provides a strategic and tactical technique approach for selling and relationship effectiveness. Unlike most all other training programs, this Series is built off of a proven system, processes, models, and with a full suite of sustainment resource platforms:


  • Weekly PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series Calibration Articles membership (blog, white-paper, eZine) with a very specific strategy or tactical engagement for sales professionals to immediately use to benchmark their best practice approaches or skill-up with new insights!
  • More than 30-PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series Webinars for client selection and sequenced follow-up on-going routine professional development...
  • Continued enrollment into PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series future updates to models, excel spreadsheet trackers, research, our exclusive ProductivityTracker™ and LeadGenerator™ instruments, 411 and 911 updates as appropriate...
  • Post 2-CD/MP3 PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series Sales-Mastery Audio series
  • Access to motivational and on-going professional development PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series Podcast series...
  • Access to on-line town halls …
  • Super charged self-development via our robust on-line AccelerationVault™ e-learning portal with an unbelievable suite of professional development resources, unmatched by any other training partner to reinforce, sustain and continuously offer new tune-up skill opportunities in the PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series
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If you are looking to master the sales process to propel your career or your company forward, this is the program for you.


Engineered Success

Our PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series provides a strategic and tactical approach to professional development and sustainment success for those in business development, account management, and front-line selling positions of organizations. This is more than a mere sales training consideration, what we offer is the turn-key 360-degress of talent development for sales professionals and their leadership, to create a culture and climate of excellence.

Each of our PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING™ Series professional development programs are detailed below in an ideal delivery situation and each can be modified to meet your needs (KEYNOTE/TRAINING/ON-LINE LEARNING/COACHING)

Quality professional development must be built around substantial (1) Quantitative Data, (2) Psychological Profiles and proven (3) Behavioral Models that have been vetted to calibrate for immediate and lasting in the field selling success and the managerial-leadership effectiveness by sales managers of the selling force!


  • For everyone connected to the selling organizations team - from the inside or outside business account development/selling/recruiting professionals or customer service team, to business owners and the managerial-leadership personnel
  • Each program is a 2-day highly customized program
  • Participants in an interactive engagement will explore the psychology of selling, how and why customers come to you or leave, ways to engage prospects, customers, advocates and individuals that may be sideways with you
  • We explore the six-applications of the selling pipeline/funnel model and how it makes and breaks your over-all effectiveness, from market exposure to quality and quantity of lead flow, to determining the math for your market and where the sales are, will be and how to managing your daily book-of-business for meaningful ROI
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  • This is for individuals new to the profession of selling and for veterans that have fallen into a selling slump
  • Each program is a 2-day highly customized program
  • In this session we take the PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING BOOTCAMP-I session and place it on steroids for intensive one-on-one application for your team
  • This session involves Role Playing and situational one-on-one practice management development with participants and gets into the psychology of selling process and closing ratios
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ITEM #3PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING BOOTCAMP/Annual Sales Business Planning & Key Relationship Building Strategies/3.0

  • This section is for business owners, C-Suite responsible for revenue generation or membership enlistments for their organization, sales mangers-leaders and every selling professional that wants to create structure and controlled success in their daily-weekly-monthly-quarterly and annual selling success
  • Each day is a 2-day highly customized program
  • For everyone connected to the selling organizations team, whether that is from the inside or outside business account development/selling professionals position - especially to include everyone in sales management/leadership roles
  • This is highly client specific with more than three-decades of specific best practice action plans
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Sales Management - Performance Execution of Managing, Leading & Building a Successful Sales Team by Developing Your Leadership Pipeline for Achieving Sales Team Excellence!

  • This section is for business owners, C-Suite responsible for revenue generation or membership enlistments for their organization, sales mangers-leaders
  • Each program is a 2-day highly customized program
  • Our premier sales managerial-leadership program is tailored to anyone in the managerial-leadership roles of the selling team/organization
  • fundamentals and elementary aspects to strategic selling organizations
  • Fundamentals and elementary aspects tactical in nature to managing, guiding, growing, motivating, coaching and tracking selling professionals
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Advanced Acceleration Program: Advanced Selling Strategies and Techniques, taking your selling and account development to the next level!


The ten Fundamentals to Negotiation Effectiveness


Taking the fundamental strategies and tactical implementation plans of the PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING (Recruitment) BOOTCAMP/1.0 program and developing your personal action plans, templates, next prospecting campaigns, identifying actual lead generation from existing client interactions, setting-up and/or fine tuning existing social media platform profiles to actual serve your market needs, and more ...


Understanding & Leveraging Your 360 Degrees of Success in your Market