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ITEM #3PERFORMANCE DRIVEN SELLING BOOTCAMP/Annual Sales Business Planning & Key Relationship Building Strategies/3.0

The target audience is everyone connected to the selling organizations team, whether that is from the inside or outside business account development/selling professionals position, especially to include everyone in sales management/leadership roles. 90-percent of selling professionals lack a written executable annual sales pan, and every failed or lost selling success can be directly tracked back to a failed plan.

This is ideally a three-day session with day-one focused on the design and implementation of a strategic Annual Sales Business Plan/SBP, we explore the math for your real marketplace and all of the ways you presently reach and engage the market. Day-two focuses in one building actual annual SBP™ for Quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily execution, monitoring, management and execution success.

The KPIs identified from this working SBP Template, will detail where your market opportunities and challenges will be every month for the coming year, and reveal what resources you will need throughout the year to achieve success.

Day-three final wrap up of SBPs, we calendarize your game plan for execution and benchmark it against your CRM system or Outlook systems you use to ensure execution. Then we wrap this around the business Relationship Building Cube™ for the successful implementation and ROI of SBPs. This is highly client specific with more than three-decades of specific best practice action plans. Unlike most all other professional development selling programs, this deliverable also provides post-session weekly professional development touch-points, virtual on-line learning platform of skill development self-study, CD/DVD and books.

A detailed stand-alone information program overview of each days learning modules is available upon request.